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Cancer is pervasive and has impacted everyone in one way or another; whether you have personally battled the disease, or have supported loved ones as they have battled. The BYU Simmons Center for Cancer Research(SCCR) is fully committed to, and diligently working towards discovering a cure. However, research requires resources. The greater the support we receive, the closer we are able to progress towards discovering a cure and eradicating cancer.

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We need you on our team! There are many ways to support the SCCR:

Make a donation through LDS Philanthropies

Sponsor a Cancer Research Fellow

The Rex Lee Run


We are extremely grateful for your generosity and support of cancer research at BYU. Without donations like yours, we could not continue to make cutting-edge breakthroughs that have furthered the search for a cure.


For more information on how to give, email us at or contact our LDS philanthropies representatives:

Jim Welsh 801-422-4447

Garrett Rose 801-422-3899

Brent Hall 801-422-4501