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Mission Statement

“To establish the BYU Cancer Research Center as a nationally-acclaimed institution for the training of graduate and undergraduate students in cancer research.”


The BYU SCCR is dedicated to training undergraduate and graduate students in experimental oncology in an effort to make a significant contribution to finding a cure for cancer. Each year the SCCR sponsors numerous cancer research fellows. These students are given the opportunity to perform full-time cancer research under the direction of their faculty mentor. Competition for the awards is keen. Those selected receive a competitive stipend in order to allow them to give full attention to their research during the Spring and Summer terms at BYU .  Learn more about the Cancer Research Fellowship Program.

While not all students will receive a fellowship award, SCCR faculty members are welcoming to undergraduate and graduate student researchers in their labs.  Many mentors require students to begin working as a volunteer in their lab.  For a list of faculty members, research projects, and student requirements please see Research Summaries and Student Research Requirements 2015.

Please address specific research opportunity questions to the faculty members.  For general questions, please email